These pages contain content on health, prevention and healthy habits. In addition, access to online services of interest for health care is facilitated.

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AdCom Madrid

New center for the prevention, treatment and research in gaming disorder and other behavioral addictions.

2022 Heat Wave Information Campaign

Information campaign on Heat Waves June 1 - September 15

It offers a daily newsletter with the temperatures recorded and forecast so that citizens are warned

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Blood donation summer campaign

monkey pox

Also called monkeypox (Monkeypox in English, MPX) is a rare viral zoonotic disease.

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Virtual Health Card


A new digital service to be closer to you

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Plasma donation

Plasma is a blood component that is used in the transfusion to patients but especially for the elaboration of medicines that are needed in the treatment of certain pathologies.
We need plasma donors. Do you want to be one of them? we tell you everything here!.

blood reserve levels

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Professionals from #SUMMA112 organize a water rescue assistance device in the San Juan Reservoir on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Learn in this video how they have been doing this work for decades and what material they have.
Every summer, SUMMA112 performs more than 50 actions on average for drowning cases. It is important to know what to do to avoid them both in swimming pools and natural areas. Always follow the recommendations offered by the Medical Emergency Service.

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Results Observatory of the Madrid Health Service

Results Observatory of the Madrid Health Service


In this space, key information is made available to citizens, professionals and managers to know the state of health of the people of Madrid, as well as health care indicators for Primary Care, hospitals and Summa 112.

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Complaints, thanks and suggestions about healthcare

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Citizens can submit a claim or suggestion in relation to the operation of public health centers and centers linked to the Ministry of Health, or also express their gratitude for the care received.

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Butterfish sushi on a plate

Butterfish, also called school fish, if not cooked properly, causes orange diarrhea. This is due to its high fat content.

Group of health professionals

Current temporary contracts for Health Centers of the Madrid Health Service

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The Rapid Alert System in Public Health of the Community of Madrid guarantees the coverage of actions in the face of these health alerts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


The Virtual Library of the Ministry of Health provides access to scientific information and library services to all professionals of the public health system of the...

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Manage your appointments in the health centers of the Madrid Health Service.

Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream Container

People who have the indicated product in their home are recommended to refrain from consuming it and return it to the point of purchase.

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The Community of Madrid has created the Center for prevention, treatment and research in gaming disorder and other behavioral addictions.

Meat product alert: packaging with the product

PEOPLE WITH SESAME ALLERGY who may have the affected product in their homes are recommended to refrain from consuming it.