In this section you will find information on consumer issues. The protection and rights that protect you as a consumer when you buy a product or hire a service with a company. 

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Those gas receiving facilities that have not been inspected on time, or that have presented defects during the inspection and there is no evidence that they have been corrected will be able to see ...

Women in establishment

We are all consumers at some point in our lives, since we buy things or contract services with companies or professionals. In those moments, we want our rights to be respected...

neural marketing

Companies and brands resort to all kinds of practices to send us their products and convince us to buy them. One of the newest techniques in this regard is the...

early adopting

When a product has just hit the market and is not yet known, it finds itself with a very particular consumer profile: the early adopter. In this report of the Consumer Portal you...

nft gallery

Consumers increasingly buy more in the digital world. This is leading to digitize even the usual consumer products. A trend that has led to the creation of the...

digital testament

Over the years, we have left a lot of personal content on the internet. But what happens to that content when we die? Is there a way to control or decide what we want to do with...

banking image

Sometimes, banking and financial entities incur in actions that are not contrary to any regulation, but contravene what is expected of them in a relationship of transparency or good...

omic san sebastian de los reyes

They are available to citizens to defend their rights as consumers.