In this section you will find information on consumer issues. The protection and rights that protect you as a consumer when you buy a product or hire a service with a company. 

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Consumption of the Community of Madrid makes an effort to meet the needs of the elderly, as vulnerable consumers and to ensure their rights in a preferential manner.

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evocative image of a thief

Consumers may face scam situations in their financial activity, especially due to the influence of new technologies. In the following report...

DANA Claims

The rains from the DANA (isolated depression at high levels) have left flooding and damage in different parts of the Community of Madrid. There are many citizens who now wonder if the...

Back to school

Once again, it's back to school. A time when consumption for families skyrockets. But is it possible to reconcile this consumption associated with the school period with responsible consumption and...

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Shoes are one of the most common products purchased by consumers. In the following report from the Consumer Portal, we detail the main aspects that you...

tire labels

Tires are one of the most important elements of driving, since they are the ones that guarantee rolling on the road and the safe adhesion of the vehicle to the asphalt. In the next report...

Parking Garage

There are times when it is difficult to park on public roads, which forces us to go frequently to parking spaces. But do we know the rights that assist us as consumers...

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In the summer, a common practice is to go to public swimming pools to cool off the heat and enjoy with family or friends. Therefore, it is important that we know how these should be...