Aerial view of a municipality surrounded by crops

Urbanism and the environment

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Planning Commission

The Urban Planning Commission is the highest collegiate body for deliberation, consultation and decision of the Community of Madrid in matters of urban planning.

footprints on the beach

In accordance with Law 7/2021, of May 20, on climate change and energy transition, territorial and urban planning and management, as well as interventions in the urban environment,...

after restoration

Restoration process of the Bidagor Plan

photovoltaic panels

The Special Plans that constitute the urban figure for the implementation of photovoltaic or wind energy infrastructures in the Community of Madrid, must undergo the procedure of...

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Virtual exhibition of photographs chosen from the Nevada Archive Community of Madrid 2021 (Top photo by María Salgado Gispert)

The Pedriza. Prairie of the Bats

The Sierra de Guadarrama has unique landscape, geological, geomorphological, hydrographic, botanical, fauna, historical and cultural characteristics on a national scale. The...


This space is enabled by the General Directorate of Urbanism to facilitate the preparation of reports by other Administrations

All the information about GPS base stations of the Community of Madrid

The Community of Madrid has a network of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) reference base stations, which offer high-precision ground positioning.