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S3 Strategy

The RIS3 or Smart Specialization Strategy in Research and Innovation or (Research and Innovation Smart Specialization Strategy)

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Leave us here your suggestions, comments and opinions in favor of a better and more participatory regional strategy, open to all agents of the Madrid Research and Innovation ecosystem: the administration, academia, companies and citizens.

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What is the S3?
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S3 Strategy (2021-2027)
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This section includes documents of potential interest in the field of Smart Regional Specialization Strategies, entrepreneurship, innovation, etc., as well as some links to others...

List of events related to the S3 Strategy

The objectives established in the S3 (and in the EM2i), require the participation of all the agents of the Madrid ecosystem of research and innovation and the support, by the administration...

The indicators constitute a useful tool to assess the situation in the region and its evolution in different sectors of interest. Here are some facts that...

The objectives of the six Strategic Axes of the S3 focus on the six Scientific and Technological Areas and, as a whole, revolves around what is known as the discovery process...

The Community of Madrid has developed a medium-term strategy (2030) known as the Madrid Research and Innovation Strategy 2030 (EM2i), which includes two instruments for...

The Ecosystem of the Community of Madrid for Research and Innovation (SM2i) is characterized, among other aspects, by being complex, diverse and dynamic. From a conceptual point of view, the...

It describes what the S3 is, why, what it consists of and its importance, as well as the reference to the RIS3 (2014-2020) and the current S3 (2021-2027).