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On these pages you will find information about the procedures and procedures that you can carry out before the Tax Administration of the Community of Madrid, everything you need to know about the taxes assigned to this Autonomous Community and the tax benefits that you can benefit from. 


On March 15, 2023, the New Virtual Tax Office comes into operation to be able to carry out self-assessments of all the tax models managed by the Community of Madrid.

Until April 10, both the current office and the New Virtual Office will be enabled.

The use of the New Office is recommended as of March 15 to carry out the new self-assessments, in order to gradually adapt to the new system.

From the 11th to the 25th of April you can only use the current office to complete the self-assessments that you have pending processing.

Compulsory self-assessment for Inheritance and Gift Tax

With the entry into force on December 31, 2020 of Law 10/2020, of December 29, which modifies Law 58/2003, of December 17, General Tax, in transposition of the Directive (EU) 2018/822 of the Council of May 25, 2018, modifies Law 29/1987, of December 18, on Inheritance and Donations Tax and establishes the Mandatory self-assessment tax regimeTherefore, from that date, the presentation of declarations that are not accompanied by the self-assessments of the interested parties will not be accepted.

Mandatory prior appointment

In order to avoid the influx of users in the liquidation office of Paseo del General Martínez Campos, it is essential to make an appointment. Face-to-face care will be limited to essential services. The rest of the services that can be carried out electronically or by telephone will be carried out by that means.

We remind you that the telephone service telephone number is 91 580 94 04.

To request an appointment at the liquidation office of Paseo del General Martínez Campos, this is the link:

To request an appointment at the rest of the Settlement Offices, the link is as follows:

Payment of fees, public prices and other income

We inform you

It is possible to make the telematic presentation of self-assessments with a deferral request through the Virtual Office.

The treatment of self-assessments is carried out individually, so if several self-assessments must be prepared in the same tax return, you can select what you want to do with each of them: pay them, defer them or split them up.

The Virtual Office will link to the deferment request model so that this request can be submitted electronically, and the reference number of said request and its submission date must be entered later.

Executive Collection


The collaborating entities in the provision of treasury and collection services of the Community of Madrid are:

Valuation of real estate

In this link you will obtain information about the valuation of urban and rural real estate prior to the presentation of the self-assessment of the inheritance and donation tax and the transmission tax.

Application for Adherence to Collaboration Agreements

Request the adhesion model to the Collaboration Agreements

List of signed Collaboration Agreements: 

Settlement Offices


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