The Entrepreneurial Discovery Process (EDP)

The objectives of the six Strategic Axes of the S3 focus on the six Scientific and Technological Areas and, as a whole, revolves around what is known as the entrepreneurial discovery process or business opportunities or EDP (Entrepreneurial Discovery Process).

The EDP is a complex, non-linear process with multiple actors, which constitutes one of the key pillars of the new S3 for the new period 2021-2027. All parties to SM2i participate in it, identifying opportunities and promoting the creation of EBTs and activities aimed at valuing knowledge and putting it on the market, solving the needs of society, which also lead to the positioning of the CM and its agents. , in national and international leadership.


The EDP consists of looking for new business opportunities to exploit knowledge and integrate it into value chains. It is an active and participatory process of identification and prioritization of key activities that link research and innovation with economic growth and social welfare, taking into account the particularities and potential of the country and each of its regions. It is achieved through a structured consultation with all the actors involved in the innovation ecosystem at a national and regional level, with companies, academia, administrations and society in general, forming what is known as the quadruple helix.


The PDE pursues the integration of fragmented and dispersed business knowledge among interested parties (companies, customers and users, specialized providers, etc.) by creating connections and associations. This process, maintained throughout the entire strategy, will make it possible to improve and optimize a well-founded selection of priorities and the efficient allocation of resources and, consequently, of the most appropriate emerging trends for regional economic growth.


In practice, the strong emphasis placed on this process, within the framework of the implementation of the current S3 strategy, will mean:

  • Convert S3, as a key planning tool, into a "living" strategy capable of identifying new projects and reviewing priorities at all times.
  • The PDE will allow these challenges and projects to emerge, stimulating the agents, in each priority area. Using analysis tools, the challenges of the different areas will be integrated, establishing common objectives to carry out Transformative Activities.
  • The PDE will use the identified Priority Areas (planning component) as a reference framework to coordinate, improve and stimulate business efforts, materializing Roadmaps in which possible transformative projects for one or more Priority Areas are related.
  • The PDE will necessarily generate new discoveries and learning, which will entail adapting and changing the Roadmaps. This implies continuous monitoring, which will be integrated into the monitoring structure of the S3 Strategy itself.


                             EDP ​​Workflow

EDP ​​workflow


The PDE will be conveyed through two tools:

  1. Business Opportunities Foresight Groups and Technology Foresight Groups, which will be defined for each Area of ​​Specialization identified. The composition of these Groups, both technological and business prospective, as well as their revitalization, will correspond to the Innovation Council, supported by the S3 Technical Office.
  2. CM Specialization Platform S3: as a means to inform about the content of the Strategy, the Areas of Specialization, as well as acting as an element for collecting business ideas, as a meeting point in the PDE and that will integrate the Business and Technological Opportunities Prospective Groups.


The information obtained from the Technology Foresight and Business Opportunities Groups, together with information obtained from the Platform, will result in new ideas for each Area of ​​Specialization, which will be studied and evaluated by the corresponding decision-making body, in this case, the Interdepartmental Commission, with the help of the Technical Office. This body will also be in charge of prioritization.


As the final phase of the process, the respective Transformation Roadmaps, as well as the result of their integration into transformative objectives, will be brought before the Innovation Council of the Community of Madrid, as the body for promoting, monitoring and following up on the S3.


EDP ​​knowledge flow

EDP ​​knowledge flow