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Legislation of the Community of Madrid
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Registration of Collaboration Agreements
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Documentary Index on Coronavirus
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Territorial Registry of Intellectual Property
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general intervention

Database that incorporates and groups the reports issued by the General Intervention in its task of internal control of the economic-financial management of the public sector of the Community of Madrid

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tax queries

On this page you can find the answers to queries formulated in relation to the provisions approved by the Community of Madrid, in the exercise of its regulatory capacity, regarding...

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This section contains the basic state and regional regulations applicable to the Local Administration and some links of interest.

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Legal Advisory Commission.

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Compilation of the main doctrinal criteria prepared, in its day, by the lawyers of the Consultative Council of the Community of Madrid, based on the content of the opinions and agreements...

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Learn about the history of the Legal Review.

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Here you can consult the most frequently asked questions about personal data protection grouped by topic

Privacy and Data Protection

Committed to protecting your personal data. Get informed and know how to exercise your rights

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