Dissemination and communication

Dissemination and communication

List of events related to the S3 Strategy

Technological Innovation and Talent Clusters (CITT)

Start-up and bidding meetings of the corresponding secretaries. 'Who is Who' document in each sector. Definition and implementation of the Working Groups. Generation of Projects in each Cluster.



Community of Madrid Awards for Technological Innovation, recognizing the work, successes and innovative attitude of individuals, linked throughout their professional career to the Community of Madrid and who have managed to significantly promote and implement innovation. (28/02/2023)



Initiative of the Madri+d foundation that arose from a Liaison Entities project and is aimed at putting startups in contact with city councils, in order to promote Innovative Public Procurement (IPP) processes. (09/03/2023)


I Conference on Entrepreneurship and Intra-university Innovation in the Community of Madrid.

The University and entrepreneurship. Organized by the Community of Madrid, the Madrid+D Foundation and the Complutense University of Madrid.


South Summit 2022 and 2023

Event to support Spin-offs and entrepreneurship in the CM


I-Technical Forum on Research and Innovation in the Autonomous Communities

Meeting of the Autonomous Communities and sharing of topics of interest in R&D&i in the different Autonomous Communities and how they are addressed in each case, etc. (18-19-20 /05/2022)


Meeting of the DGIIT with the person responsible in the DG REGIO for the FEDER Operational Program (Dr Ana Sanchez Cambon)

Presentation of the S3 and activities associated with it within the CM. (30/12/2022)


Meeting of the Office of the Technology-Based Entrepreneur

Meeting promoted by the Madri+ Foundation in the area mainly of CM Universities


MOIG (Madrid Open Innovation Group)

Working group of the Community of Madrid with the most important business corporations present in this Community. Three meetings a year.

  • 1st Meeting (01/06/2022) in Vice-Ministry of Univ. Inv. CM Science
  • 2nd Meeting (16/09/2022) at IMDEA Water
  • 3rd Meeting (16/12/2022) at IMDEA Software
  • 4th Meeting (17/03/2023) at IMDEA Networks
  • 5th Meeting (23/06/2023) at IMDEA Materials
  • 6th Meeting (27/10/2023) at the Madri+d Foundation


IDI and S3 network

R&D&I Policy Network to support strategic coordination between the CCs. AA. and the AGE, in favor of the mobilization of the Union's financial resources in the field of Research, Development and Innovation. Different meetings throughout the year


Leganés Technological Business Meeting. 8th Meeting (Oct/18/2023)

Event, in the UC3M Science Park, for the agents of the entrepreneurship and innovated ecosystem of the CM


UC3M R+D+I Challenges to innovate together 2023

"10 Challenges in UC3M R&D&I to innovate together." 4th edition, which are added to the thirty challenges presented in previous years.