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Madrid European Entrepreneurial Region 2021-2022

The Community of Madrid obtains the seal "European Entrepreneurial Region"


The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) rewards the entrepreneurial vision of the Community of Madrid

The European Committee ofJavascript logo: void (0) European Entrepreneurial Region award granted to the Community of Madrid the Regions (CoR) awards this seal of excellence to regions that stand out for their entrepreneurial vision and for developing a smart growth strategy that takes into account the general challenges facing society.

On this occasion, the editions of 2021 and 2022 have been merged, focused on the theme "Entrepreneurship for a sustainable recovery". A specific objective of this call is to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation in EU regions and cities as fundamental instruments to advance the EU sustainability and green economy program.

The regions awarded the EER 2021-2022 award have demonstrated a remarkable ability to create new opportunities and to reorient the course of their economic development. The CoR awards these territories as beacons of a sustainable European recovery. The development strategy of the Community of Madrid responds closely to the EU's policy guidelines on SMEs and mobilizes significant resources, taking into account, in particular, the interests of women entrepreneurs.

The Community of Madrid's recovery plan, integrated into a long-term multi-level development strategy, focuses mainly on collaborative elements aimed at building bridges between the public and private sectors. The creation of an entrepreneurship council will bring together a wide range of entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises and SMEs and will create synergies and network effects.

See here the video of Madrid's victory in the EER and video of the other winning regions.