Wall full of pictures arranged in various heights and with varied themes without apparent order
View of an exhibition with dark walls and several canvases hanging on them

Collection of Contemporary Art of the Community of Madrid

Contemporary Art Collection

In the CA2M

El CA2M treasure the Collection of Contemporary Art of the Community of Madrid, formed since the beginning of the 80 years from the acquisition of funds dependent on the exhibition programs of its rooms and, from 2013, it is also enriched with the deposit of the Collection of the ARCO Foundation, that every year incorporates important pieces present in the leading contemporary art fair of Madrid.

Both collections, which add close to 2.000 works, complement their stories: the most international collection of ARCO allows contextualizing the views of the CA2M Collection, more focused on the Madrid and Spanish scene. Its intermittent presence in the center is reflected through temporary exhibitions that give it meaning and put it in relation to international trends, which allow it to be studied and produced knowledge about it, in addition to experiencing and questioning the languages ​​and formats of the exhibition, but also through capsules that are inserted in different circulation spaces of the museum, thus continually renewing the look on its funds.