Plates of molds of chocolates in different plastic materials and glued to each other like a panel in the wall

ARCO Award

ARCO Award

For young artists

El ARCO Community of Madrid Award for Young Artists It was created in 2004 to recognize the best work of plastic arts (including painting, drawing, comic, engraving, sculptures, mixed media, photography, installations as well as any other support of artistic expression, without limitation of theme or technique) made by artists of age not exceeding 40 years, whose sale price does not exceed € 35.000, and which has been exposed in the corresponding edition of the ARCO Fair.

The Community of Madrid acquires the awarded work and this becomes part of the CA2M Contemporary Art Collection, whose funds are also increased with the concession of other prizes associated to art fairs.

DECREE 14 / 2004, of 5 of February, by which the ARCO Prize of the Community of Madrid for Young Artists is created.