Black and white photo with buildings in the Lavapiés neighborhood




El Community of Madrid Award SUMMA, whose first edition takes place at 2013, replaces the Madrid Community Award - MADRIDFOTO, maintaining all its requirements. It is intended to reward the uniqueness of one or more artists exhibiting in the annual editions of the SUMMA ART FAIR Fair within the discipline of photography, without limitation of subject or technique. 

The Community of Madrid acquires the awarded work and this becomes part of the CA2M Contemporary Art Collection, whose funds are also increased with the concession of other prizes associated to art fairs.

ORDER 5980 / 2013, of September 16, of the Minister of Employment, Tourism and Culture, which modifies the Order 943 / 2010, of 11 of May, of the Vice-president, Councilor of Culture and Sport and Spokesperson of the Government, by which the prize is created.