Commercial activity in Madrid

In the Community of Madrid, trade generates 12% of GDP, of which 5,9% corresponds to retail trade.

The commercial sector of the Community of Madrid is currently made up of 64.176 retail establishments and 38.644 wholesalers. Specifically, the 64.176 retail establishments employ 268.568 people, representing more than 8,7% of the employed population in the region.
The number of companies in the commercial sector in the Community of Madrid is 84.006, of which 60,5% are small companies, that is 50.853.

Within the specialized trade, food is an essential sector in the Community of Madrid, highlighting the role played by the daily products trade grouped in Food Markets and Commercial Galleries.

In addition, dthe textile sector, which in 2021 generated, in the region 1.742 million euros, existing at that date 6.182 points of sale and 25.081 workers. On average, people from Madrid spend more than 304 euros a year in this sector.

In relation to franchising, the Community of Madrid is a leader in this segment. Of the 1.375 teachings that currently make up the franchise system in Spain, 401 of them are in the region. These are 29.007 stores, which invoice 12.802,1 million euros and employ 136.582 people.

The non-sedentary sale or itinerant sale has an important representation in the Community of Madrid. Our Region has 186 markets in 134 municipalities, of which 26 are located in the municipality of Madrid (among them, the emblematic "Rastro") and the remaining 160 in 133 other municipalities. The 134 municipalities that have a market have a population of 6.367.933 inhabitants, which means that 98% of the total population of the Community of Madrid has a market in their municipality. 

As for electronic commerce, this modality is fully established in the Community of Madrid. In this context, in the region more than 62% of the population has acquired, over the last three months, goods or services for private use through the Internet.


Commerce of Madrid in figures

Council for the Promotion of Trade of the Community of Madrid