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Madrid Destination 7 Stars. The Best Store in the World
Campaign "Madrid Destination 7 Stars, the Best Shop in the World"
Trade and craft agenda
Trade and Crafts Agenda

Find out about promotions, events, conferences, awards...

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business cards letter

Many times they offer us, especially in large franchises and shopping centers, the possibility of using a chain card. But do we really know what they are offering us? In it...

Community fair activity map

Fairs show products and services and contribute to the development of the business fabric

credit card from one computer to bag from another in front

Project for the sale of local food, beverage, fashion and textile, handicraft and beauty products.

three meninas in ceramics

Access to basic information on each artisan workshop, classified by sector


Craftsmanship is heritage, tradition and innovation and diversity.

The Gran Via. Telephone Building

Touring the center of Madrid, we take advantage of the sales and go shopping

centenary establishment

Would you like to know what the locals of Madrid were like a century ago? The centenary shops offer you the opportunity to make this unique trip to the past and learn about the history and essence of the trade ...

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Bring the trade to the customer, show the commercial diversity, the quality and the variety of its offer.