Mining operations that can use external material for restoration


List of mining operations that are carrying out restoration work and whose restoration plan allows the use of inert materials of external origin.

The right to use mineral resources is also associated with the rehabilitation of the natural area affected by mining activities, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and the minimization of the effects caused by the tillage of mines.

This obligation, formerly regulated by Royal Decree 2994 / 1982, of 15 of October, on restoring the natural area affected by mining activities, has been reinforced by the European Union through the 2006 / 21 / CE Directive of the Parliament and of the Council, of 15 of March of 2006, on management of the residues of extractive industries whose transposition to the Spanish legal order has been collected, with basic character, in the Royal Decree 975 / 2009, of 12 of June, on waste management of the extractive industries and the protection and rehabilitation of the area affected by mining activities.

However, this restoration of the area affected by mining operations, apart from resolving part of the environmental and landscape impact caused by the farms themselves, can also be a solution for other environmental problems such as those caused by materials extracted in land clearing that the works of construction and infrastructure generate.

Thus, in the Community of Madrid, there are a series of farms that have obtained approval of their restoration plan to host said materials, after a favorable environmental report and under strict controls and monitoring of the material used in said restoration.

On this web page you can find the information related to the farms that have such authorization and that are currently performing restoration work.