Electric Substation

Commissioning of high-voltage installations

How to process the commissioning of high voltage installations

The Community of Madrid has procedures that simplify the commissioning of high voltage electrical installations in the region.

The procedures to process the commissioning distinguish according to who is going to be the owner of the installation:

- Transformation centers and lines of individuals for their exclusive use: simplified communication procedure (according to form and models foreseen for third group of facilities).

- Production, transport and distribution facilities: authorization and commissioning procedure (according to groups first, second or fifth of facilities). Production facilities with self-consumption are included under the 2 type of self-consumption.

- Facilities that are going to be ceded to electric companies: authorization and commissioning procedure according to fifth group of facilities.

- Emergency auxiliary equipment of electricity distribution companies: procedure according to group of facilities.

The description of the applicable procedures and the documentation to be delivered with the application is included in the Decree 70 / 2010, of 7 of October, of the Governing Council, for the simplification of the authorization, verification and inspection procedures, responsibilities and sanctioning regime in the field of high voltage electric power installations in the Community of Madrid.

For more details, you can consult below and in the section "Procedures and Procedures" of the website ("Authorization of High Voltage installations").