Those gas receiving facilities that have not been inspected on time, or that have presented defects during the inspection and there is no evidence that they have been corrected will be able to see ...

Treasury Inspection

The Treasury Inspection checks and investigates compliance with tax obligations.

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Reports prepared after inspection visits to facilities that have Integrated Environmental Authorization. They include, among others, the conclusions regarding compliance with said...

Helicopter SUMMA Lozoyuela

Authorization and inspection of aerodromes and heliports under regional jurisdiction

Veterinary medicines

This section lists all the administrative procedures that professionals and companies may need in their relationship with the administration of the Community of Madrid referring to...


The principle of prevention, whose objective is to avoid contamination from the source before it is necessary to minimize its effects or the restoration of affected resources and the principle ...

Tower cranes

Criteria for the application of regulatory aspects related to safety installations such as elevators, cranes, fire protection equipment or pressure equipment.

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Companies have a fundamental role in controlling the safety of products. Both manufacturers, who must produce products that comply with safety regulations, and...