Relay of the Royal Guard in the Royal Palace of Madrid

Relay of guard in palace

Solemn relay of the Royal Guard

Every first Wednesday of every month at the 12

It takes place in the Plaza de la Armería of the Royal Palace of Madrid in the image of the one that was done daily in the times of Alfonso XII and Alfonso XIII. Stands are set up in the enclosure to see lancers and halberdiers, military and artillery pieces with ammunition carts parade. More than 400 people and 100 horses stage the spectacular and colorful relay of the guard, an act lasting about 50 minutes, which is accompanied by the music unit. Admission is free and free through the Puerta de Santiago. More information in 
The solemn relief is suspended until further notice.

Guard relay of the Royal Palace

Every Wednesday and Saturday from 11h to 14 hours, except for the months of July and August when 10 is celebrated at 12 hours and barring unforeseen events, the 'Guard Relay', one of the activities, takes place at the Puerta del Príncipe most demanded by tourists. Each 30 minutes is relayed from sentinel posts on foot, and every hour from sentinels on horseback. Entrance is free and open. More information in