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The Rooms of the Plaza de Las Ventas are spaces dedicated to culture in the area of ​​bullfighting. Its activities cover all fields of artistic expression and the study of Bullfighting ...

View of the Bosque Sur Environmental Education Center

C/ de las Comarcas, s/n (next to Renfe La Serna station)

    Polvoranca environmental education center

    Polvoranca Park

    Manzanares River in La Pedriza

    The Natura 2000 protected areas are part of a European ecological network whose protection and management is aimed at the maintenance or restoration of biological diversity, through ...


    In summer, the terraces, the restaurants overlooking the sea or the beach bars, become highly demanded services.

    Regional Park of the middle course of the Guadarrama River and its surroundings

    In the western part of the Community of Madrid we find this natural space of great environmental diversity. From the base of the Madrid mountains to the countryside of the Tagus depression, following the ...