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Flamenco Looks 2023

Del 10 November to December 2

Pilar Miró Cultural Center Villa de Vallecas – How to get





70 years dancing. MixedTwo

Miradas Flamenkas mixes flamenco with world music in an edition that pays tribute to the Amor de Dios School on its 70th anniversary.

The Community of Madrid festival proposes a plural and eclectic encounter of flamenco with other music in its fourth edition, which will be held from November 10 to December 2 and will do so with eight shows, seven of them absolute premieres; and a special look at the Amor de Dios School, the legendary flamenco training center, which turns 70 and to which the festival will dedicate an exhibition.

José El Francés, Yerai Cortés, Pepe Bao and his band, Sara Jiménez, Daniel Caballero & Nerea Carrasco, Karen Lugo & Mezcal Quartet, Pablo Rubén Maldonado & Diego Guerrero and José El Ciego and his band put their own name on this edition's poster.