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The Sierra Norte Regional Humanities Center is located in the municipality of La Cabrera and is the reference cultural space for the 42 municipalities in the region. From there theater, music and dance shows are scheduled, along with film projections. It also hosts part of the activities that are part of the festivals of the Community of Madrid.

Participatory projects have been developed at the Center such as North Scene Factory, created in 2016 to support the performing arts companies of the Sierra; or plastic arts projects, such as VISIBLES Contest of Art and Women, the call for Intrusive Art and the collaborative artistic practice projects called Part of Art3

Its programming includes workshops for adults and families, coordination with the Center for Adult Education, and with various Associations and Town Halls framed in the municipalities of the Sierra Norte.  

The Regional Center for Humanities also has a small museum called Gabinete Artístico La Cabrera, which houses the Carlos Manzanares and Mario Solana collections.

The Center's cafeteria remains closed. 



The Center has PCO technology ™ (Photocatalytic Oxidation), better known as photocatalytic oxidation, implanted in all its air conditioning nodes (theatre, library, classrooms, halls) that generate oxidizing ions capable of destroying a wide range of substances such as viruses, bacteria, moulds, allergens, etc.

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