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Consumer Arbitration FAQs

Consumer arbitration FAQs that most concern consumers

What is consumer arbitration?

Consumer arbitration is an out-of-court dispute resolution procedure between consumers and businessmen. Its purpose is to resolve the problems that arise between both parties without the need to go to court.

Where can a consumer arbitration be requested?

What are the advantages of a company joining the Arbitration System?

If I submit an arbitration request, can I go to court? >

If the company does not comply with the award issued by the arbitral tribunal, what can I do?

In cases of renting a home between individuals, can I go to arbitration?

Can arbitration be requested for any consumer problem?

Is arbitration free for the consumer and the entrepreneur?

If I reach an agreement with the company, do I need to continue with arbitration?

If I file a claim, can I file a request for arbitration?

Do the arbitrators of the consumer and business associations that make up an arbitration college defend their partners?

Do all companies have an obligation to accept arbitration to resolve conflicts with consumers?