Practical information on electricity

Electricity is one of the basic supplies for homes. Its daily use is essential and necessary for consumers and, in addition, it represents one of the most important expenses in households at the end of the month.

Knowing the specific characteristics of the electricity market can help us to contract the rate that most closely matches our needs, make a more responsible consumption of energy or know who we should complain to when we have a problem.

In the next section we will help you understand easily and simply some concepts such as contracted power, regulated market, access tolls, consumed energy or point of supply, which are essential when deciding to contract a specific type of service and that can allow us to save at the end of the month in the bill and a more efficient consumption of energy.  


Remember that

SignalIt is convenient that, before contracting with an electricity company, compare offers and analyze which of the rates offered by the companies best suits your needs.

SignalCheck what is the power you need in your home and try not to hire more than you need.

SignalSince January 2019, all consumers have counters that allow telemetry and telemanagement per hour, so the energy we consume is paid at the exact price to which you have quoted at all times. There are no more estimated readings.

Remember that


SignalCan always cancel the contract power supply warning with 5 working days in advance before the date you wish to cancel.

SignalDemand that they offer you all information about rates, powers and contracts and read the general conditions of the hiring before the contract is signed. If you don't understand a concept, ask what it means.
SignalIf you hire for Internet or phone, dispose of 14 calendar days to withdraw from the contract, without any penalty, counted from the moment of signing.

SignalElectricity companies They are prohibited from selling for commercial or contracting purposes in homes, unless you have requested the visit. If you have not asked for it, do not let the salesperson enter and do not show him your invoice.

Remember that


SignalIf it does a change in electrical installation of your home, you must ask the technician to issue you the installation certificate (known as House Electrical Bulletin).  It will be necessary if you want to change the power later.

SignalCompanies must offer us a quality supply. So the interruptions that occur in the facilities they can't get over neither in number nor in time established limits.

SignalIn case of suspension of supply due to non-payment, they must restore the service assistance after payment of those owed.

Remember that


SignalIt is convenient that you check that they are billing awarded by the power you have contracted. Look at this information in your contract and check that it is the same that appears on your monthly invoice. Each power jump in the bill represents an increase in the price.

SignalCheck that the reading that appears on the invoice is correlative with the last paid. To do this, you can compare with the previous invoice that the current reading data and the previous reading match and there has not been a jump between one and the other.

SignalCheck that you have not been included any service that you do not have contracted. If you see any information that you do not recognize in the summary or in the detail of the invoice, contact your marketer for clarification.