Photographs of Marta Soul in El Águila
Photograph of Marta Soul in El Águila
Image of Marta Soul The Eagle Four glances

Marta Soul. The Eagle. Four glances

Marta Soul's gaze on El Águila

Chance is always present in our daily life. The set of images that I present in this calendar consists of different encounters and atypical situations experienced by the same person throughout a day. A young woman walks through the spaces of El Águila meeting different men who adopt somewhat unique behaviors.

The interaction between these couples gives rise to a set of peculiar situations in which it is intended to play with chance, probability and the unexpected. The images evoke those accidental episodes that shape our lives with little control over them. They can be very important at times, but generally they will be less momentous. For this reason, I wanted to present the random component of everyday life, removing the drama from it. According to Henri Bergson, it is necessary to move away from the emotional in order to laugh, even to make fun of tragedy *. Beyond the rational and logical thinking, the images invite surprise, showing a series of possible scenes, albeit with surreal nuances.

*Essay on the significance of the comicHenri Bergson

Martha Soul


Photographs: Marta Soul
Collaborators: Javi Alcalá, Gema Amador, Santi Buil, Carles Crapule, Maribel Criado, Fernando del Cubo, Demian, Javier Desidias, Patricia Escudero, Vicenta González Jiménez, Jorquera, Miguel Pardo, Santi Pardo, Peter, Paloma Pop, Igor Ródenas, Javi Troyan, Bernardo Vazquez.