Museum of History of Madrid. Madrid.

Architects of Madrid: Pedro de Ribera

The baroque architecture of Madrid takes place in a context of political and economic crisis that, when King Charles II died, led to a war and the arrival of a new dynasty to the throne. Despite the preference of the Bourbons for foreign architects, the Madrid castizo baroque was maintained for a time, led by authors such as Churriguera and Pedro de Ribera.

In addition to its construction, he participated in the financing as a member of the order that promoted the work of the church of San Cayetano, with which he maintained a very close bond throughout his life: in 1720 he fixed his residence at number 26 of the Ambassadors street, right in front of the temple; Also there, three of his children are ordained religious and his parents, his sister Matea, two of his three wives and finally he himself are buried in 1742.

Also it raises the church of the old convent of San Hermenegildo, today church of San Jose; It reforms the facade of the church of Montserrat and is in charge of building one of the two towers that it had designed.