Detail of a camera

Photography workshops "A paradigm shift"

September 2023 - January 2024 in the Sala Alcalá 31 and Sala de Arte Joven

Photography has undergone profound technological and social changes in recent decades. The incorporation of digital cameras into consumer devices and the processes of information globalization in the Internet age have made photography, as a means of creation, now an almost universal form of expression. As photography has ceased to be a medium that is difficult to access, artistic production has increased by minorities that barely had visibility less than three decades ago. In this way, works of enormous contemporary importance have emerged, representing aesthetic values ​​that had remained hidden until now.

"A Paradigm Shift" will be an exhibition focused on recent trends in photography, which question specific topics of interest and social significance and will be presented in February 2024 at the Arte Joven Hall. Parallel to and in advance of its inauguration, we have programmed a series of practical workshops that explore aspects of our culture, and challenge values ​​and aesthetic forms in photography. The first sessions will take place on September 30, October 27 and November 24 and will be led by Marc Padró (Colectivo Estampa), Carmela García and Rubén H. Bermúdez, respectively. The visual results obtained in each workshop will be part of a specific space that will be called "Imagined Community" within the temporary exhibition.


  • Free workshops
  • It is essential to reserve a place through the digital bulletins available in each workshop (see registration deadlines in each one)
  • Some workshops require photographic knowledge and/or installation of specific image processing programs. Please read the descriptions carefully.