Picasso painting a ceramic vase in his workshop

Picasso Museum - Eugenio Arias Collection

Ceramics, drawing and graphic work

The main core of the collection is made up of works given and dedicated by Picasso to Eugenio Arias. This set, of a very varied nature, brings together drawings, graphic work, ceramics, posters, dedicated books and other unique items such as a pyrographed barber's tool box and a cagairon plate.

The set includes several photographs by André Villers, contributed by Arias to the Museum in the XNUMXs, and a sculptural bust of Picasso by Francisco Aguilar.

Added to this core are eight ceramic pieces from the collection of the former Provincial Council of Madrid, which were incorporated into the Arias collection at the end of the 2005s. The latest acquisitions made by the Community of Madrid have been two prints in 1, through 2011% cultural, three photographs of David Douglas Duncan in 75 and two donations of works. The collection currently consists of a total of XNUMX pieces.

Most of the pieces can be precisely dated between October 1948 and December 1972.

If you are interested in knowing more about a specific piece (technique, materials, measurements...), you can consult our collection through CERES - CLICK HERE-