Cooperatives and labor companies

Cooperatives and labor companies


Deposit accounts of a cooperative
Account deposit

All the information to deposit the accounts of a Cooperative in the Registry of Cooperatives of the Community of Madrid

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Registration of cooperatives

All the information about the Register of Cooperatives. Simple note, Certificate and Completed Photocopies.

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ALBOR Magazine: Technologies and Special Educational Needs

The grants, directly awarded, are financed by the Government of Spain and the Community of Madrid and are finalist in nature.


Public registry responsible for the registration of professional associations of self-employed workers.

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Various financial entities have financing lines for business projects.

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Aid for the creation of new companies and for the incorporation of partners to already established companies.

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Relevant information for people interested in the creation and constitution of a cooperative.

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Space for collective entrepreneurship, program for SMEs and professionals in difficulty, technology-based incubator and local program.

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We help you to speed up the opening of your business.

Mutual insurance companies

Information relating to social welfare mutual societies with domicile and scope of operations in the Community of Madrid.