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The Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV)



Ensures that vehicles in circulation meet a series of minimum technical conditions

To guarantee the safety of people, minimize the risk of accidents due to technical causes and protect the environment through the reduction of exhaust gases.

There are two types of inspections:

These are inspections to which all types of vehicles must undergo with a periodicity established by Royal Decree that varies depending on their class, age and the use to which they are intended.

These are inspections that should only be carried out when certain circumstances arise, such as pre-registration, legalization of reforms made to vehicles, inspections for the issuance of duplicate ITV cards, etc.

The ITV Stations are the places where the technical inspections of vehicles are carried out. These facilities can be managed directly by the Autonomous Communities or by companies authorized by them.

In the case of the Community of Madrid, the competent body to authorize the operation of ITV Stations and carry out their subsequent control is the General Directorate for Economic and Industrial Promotion.