Consumer Issues


Shopping over the internet. Recruitment security, Confianza en Línea public badge and complaints. Telephone hiring.

a concert

In the Community of Madrid, it is the Law on public shows and recreational activities, which regulates and guarantees minimum rights in each show.

Camera and travel glasses

Concept of combined travel and obligations of agencies. Hiring and claims.

Shop seen from the air

Everything related to purchases in establishments. Returns, guarantees, prices, tickets and invoices.

hammer tools

Technical Assistance Services (SAT) are known as establishments or people who, in accordance with established regulatory requirements, work on the repair, installation and/or...

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Everything related to the supply and installation of piped and bottled gas

Pencil and paper

Previous information, contract and forms of payment and financing. Issuance of diploma.

luminous advertising

Concept and types of illegal advertising. How to act against prohibited advertising.