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Entry exams

Tests for access to training cycles of professional training, plastic arts and design and substitute test for the academic requirement for access to special regimen sports education.

El Decree 187 / 2021, of 21 of July, has unified the following tests:

- Access tests to vocational training cycles.

- Access tests to training cycles of plastic arts and design.

- Substitute proof of the academic requirement for access to special regime sports education.

These tests have many parts in common, which is why they are now convened and celebrated at the same time. 

  • The common parts may be valid for access to several teachings and some exams will be carried out simultaneously and will be the same in the access tests to all teachings.
  • The tests are organized in a common part (with registration in different routes) and other specific parts.
  • The common parts will have different routes and in the registration you will be able to choose if you want the test to be valid for access to one or more teachings.
  • The contents and structure of the tests have been updated.