Information for users

General information on Consumption

Key concepts to understand consumer protection and the basic rights of consumers and users.


    The variety of products and services made available to us as consumers and users allows, on the one hand, to be able to choose those that best suit our needs and expectations. However, it also places us before a gigantic complex and difficult market due to the quantity and variety of options that we have.

    For this reason, citizens increasingly need more and better information to help them decide what you consume, make a responsible purchase and that allows you to prevent unwanted effects. Furthermore, if there is no other option, the citizen can demand that their rights be fulfilled, through dispute resolution procedures.

    In this section you will find information about:

    • The basic rights that the consumer has.
    • The means that can be used to protect those rights.
    • Entities and organizations that can help you exercise your rights.
    • Get an overview of what the world of consumer protection entails: possibilities, range y limitations.