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Complete information: housing rental

One of the most important decisions in the lives of consumers is how and where to live. To do this, two possible alternatives are proposed, renting or buying a home.

Before renting a home and committing to a rental contract, it is important to take into account several aspects to start this new stage with guarantees. When can I terminate the contract? Can they raise the rent when the landlord wants? What happens if I share a flat with more people? These are some of the questions that must be taken into account.

Remember that...



In the event that the landlord's right to the rented home is resolved due to, among others, a foreclosure, an eviction, the exercise of a right with the option to purchase, the tenant will have the right to continue with the lease until that the established five or seven years are completed.


SignalWhen a rental contract is formalized, the payment of the ITP (Property Transfer Tax). It is up to the tenant to pay it and the amount will be for the entire duration of the rental. The term to enter it is 30 business days from the formalization of the contract. You can consult all the information in the section of expenses and taxation of the housing area of ​​the Community of Madrid.


SignalIn case of early termination of the contract, the parties may agree that the lessee pays the lessor an indemnity equivalent to one month of the rent in force for each year that remains to be fulfilled. Time periods less than a year are calculated proportionally.


SignalThe rental contract can also be terminated, because the competent authority declares the ruin of the property, or the leased property is disabled due to a cause not attributable to the lessor (for example, an earthquake).