Disability and insertion

A group of people

Improve your business competitiveness with aid and incentives to create and maintain employment.

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Protected employment companies that promote the labor integration of people with disabilities.

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They integrate people in a situation of social exclusion as a transition to ordinary employment.

Photographic composition with a gallery of potential participants in the Use your Capacity program

Support program for the social and labor insertion of people with disabilities co-financed by the European Social Fund. It includes the SERPAIS services and the Support Classrooms, among other initiatives.

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Companies with more than 50 people on the workforce, required that 2% be people with disabilities.

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Temporary posting of CEE workers to an ordinary company in compliance with specific requirements.


The Community of Madrid is promoting the creation and maintenance of employment aimed at people at risk of exclusion with subsidies linked to the UTIL-Insertion Companies Program, which are...