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The housing rental process

Practical information for renting a home

After the housing offer and search process, once we have reached an agreement between the owner and the tenant, either privately or through a public rental program, the contract is signed. This contract will be the link between the landlord and the tenant.

In the formalization of the housing rental contract, it is mandatory for the tenant to deliver a deposit equivalent to one month's rent. The owner must deposit the deposit at the Social Housing Agency of the Community of Madrid and the tenant, in turn, must pay the Property Transfer Tax (ITP). In case of conflict between the parties, and if the arbitration clause has been included in the contract, you can go to the Arbitration Council.

In the case of protected housing, the lease contracts must include mandatory clauses and must be visaed by the General Directorate of Housing and Rehabilitation. In addition, the agreed monthly payment will be limited to a Maximum Rent.

In any case, if you need help to rent your home or to find a rental home, the Community of Madrid puts at your disposal the Rent Plan, as an intermediary service in the lease.