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bone marrow donation

Bone marrow transplantation is the only possible cure for many people suffering from diseases such as leukemia or lymphoma. Three out of four will not have a compatible family member. Anonymous and altruistic registries of bone marrow donors were created for them.


The donation of bone marrow, or better expressed, of hematopoietic progenitors, is one of the possibilities of living donation what we can do The first step is sign up as a donor which means assuming the commitment and the will to be available to any patient, anywhere in the world, who needs it and who is compatible with you. 

Millions of people are already included in the international registry, which allows 90% of patients in need of a bone marrow transplant to find a compatible donor. The more people who sign up, the more chances there are to find a match for all those who need it.


What if we told you that there is someone somewhere in the world, practically identical to you genetically and whose life you could save? Someone who, thanks to you, could recover their projects, their family, their friends... For this, you only need to register as a bone marrow donor.

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