Practical gas information

Gas is one of the basic supplies of the house. Its daily use is necessary for many consumers and, in addition, it represents one of the most important expenses in households at the end of the month.

Knowing the gas market can help us to contract the rate that most closely matches our needs, make a more responsible consumption of energy or know who we should complain to when we have a problem.

In the next section we will help you understand easily and simply some concepts like regulated market, free market, access tolls, energy consumed or point of supply, which are essential when deciding to contract a specific type of service and that can allow us to save at the end of the month in the bill and a more efficient consumption of energy.

Remember that

SignalIn the Community of Madrid they operate three gas distribution companies, according to the zones: Madrid Gas Networknedgia y redexis.

Map of piped gas distributors in the Community of Madrid

Remember that

SignalYou should never pay anything in cash to the company or professional who comes to perform the inspection of the gas installation. Your marketing company will charge you on the next gas bill.