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Assisted Reproduction Unit


The Assisted Reproduction Unit is made up of professionals from the Gynecology and Obstetrics Service and professionals from the Clinical Analysis Service, who together carry out the study, diagnosis, advice and reproductive treatment of patients and couples who are referred to these consultations at will. of gestation or for requiring fertility preservation treatments prior to potentially gonadotoxic treatments.

  • History and objectives

    The Reproduction Unit began its activity with In Vitro Fertilization cycles in 1985, with the birth of the first girl from a pregnancy with assisted reproduction techniques (IVF) on March 24, 1986, with doctors Sixto Perera and Carmen Cuadrado. It was the achievement of the first birth after IVF in a public center in Madrid.

    It currently cares for approximately 1000 new patients per year, carrying out more than 500 inseminations, 700 follicular punctures in the context of IVF or fertility preservation treatments, and more than 500 cryopreserved embryo transfers each year.

    The Reproduction Unit is committed to constant research, teaching and continuous training of its professionals, who are part of working groups of scientific societies, such as the Spanish Fertility Society, and the Madrid Health Service.

    The objective is to achieve excellence in Reproductive Medicine. To this end, a comprehensive assessment is offered to women with a pregnancy desire (present or future), favored by the close relationship with other units of our own Gynecology service as well as other hospital services, such as Medical Oncology, Endocrinology, Urology and Genetics. , among others, proposing individualized reproductive treatments for each patient. Many modifications have been carried out in recent years, both in procedure and equipment, adapting to the current evidence on the safety of reproductive treatments, providing a quality service to patients, with the search for a clear objective: to achieve the of a healthy newborn.


  • The care offer of the Assisted Reproduction Unit covers:

    • Study of the sterile couple (the one that does not achieve pregnancy)
    • Study of the infertile couple (those who present recurrent miscarriages)
    • Reproductive treatments through ovarian stimulation and ovulation induction
    • Reproductive treatment through Artificial Insemination
    • Reproductive treatment through In Vitro Fertilization
    • Surgical treatment of pathologies associated with sterility or infertility
    • Fertility preservation techniques (oocyte vitrification, ovarian cortex cryopreservation or semen cryopreservation)

    The limitations for the study and treatment are determined by the State official newsletter, which regulates the service portfolio of centers that perform Assisted Reproduction treatments in the public sphere.

Patients: clinical care

  • In this section you can find general information on the reproductive process and the treatments carried out in the unit:

Research and teaching

  • The Assisted Reproduction Unit actively participates in national and international multicenter studies related to reproductive treatments, as well as being part of a research group of the idiPAZ focused on patients with reproductive problems and endometriosis.

    In addition, in the center practices of the Own Master of the Complutense University of Madrid in Assisted Reproduction, and we participate in the teaching of our own residents and residents of other centers who request to carry out external rotations in our Unit.


    • Dr. Silvia Iniesta Pérez. Section chief.
    • Dr. Onica Armijo Suarez
    • Dr. Manuel Duarte Perez
    • Dr. Sara Fernandez Prada
    • Dr. Sonia Lobo Martinez
    • Dr. María Martín Camean
    • Dr. Mª Josefa Sánchez Hernández
    • Dr. Clara Sanz Pérez
    • Dr. Patricia Helena Silva Zaragüeta
    • Rebecca Gomez Casaseca. Head of Andrology and IVF Laboratory
    • Ana Garcia Belda
    • Carolina Gonzalez Varea
    • Lydia Pascual Garcia
    • Javier del Rio Riego
    • Tamara Rodriguez Perez
    • Marta Segovia Amaro
    • Mª Teresa Martínez González
    • Aurea Alpresa Monteagudo
    • Plains Palacios Berzosa
    • Carolina Labourdette Diaz
    • Patricia Gil Pecharroman
    • Noelia Godson Ramos
    • Reyes Canencia Cid

Contact Us

  • LOCATION: La Paz University Hospital. Paseo de la Castellana 261. 28046 Madrid.

    • Reproduction Consultations: Maternity Building, 2nd floor Link Building
    • Andrology and In Vitro Fertilization Laboratory: Maternity Building, 2nd floor Enlace Building

    ACCESS FOR FIRST ASSESSMENT IN CONSULTATIONS: the referral can be made directly from the Primary Care consultations (doctor or midwife of your health center) as well as from other consultations of the La Paz University Hospital.