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We approach employers in the region, adapting to their needs.

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A food alert is communicated to ensure the immediate withdrawal from the market of a food that poses a serious risk to the health of consumers.

Generating diptico changes

The SMEs of the Community of Madrid have a free advisory service for the preparation of equality plans

Conciliation and co-responsibility

We want to promote the full development of people in all areas and achieve real involvement in the distribution of domestic and family responsibilities, both for men and women...

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The Community of Madrid has led the creation of companies in the month of July (1.938), which represents 23,4% of the national total, an increase of 16,4% compared to the figures recorded in...

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The Community of Madrid maintains the lowest occupational accident rate – number of work accidents per 100.000 members – in Spain in the first six months of the year, 21,6% per...

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This page informs about the specific sanitary requirements of the catering sector, for example, to fry food properly, control its temperature, inform...

Electronic device

Electrical and electronic devices (EEE) are considered to be those that, in order to function properly, need electrical current or electromagnetic fields, as well as the necessary devices to generate ...