Location of El Pozo station

New Renfe commuter train station in El Pozo

It is about making known the experience accumulated in the works carried out by the Region of Madrid.

The result of the collaboration of the Community of Madrid with RENFE was the construction of a Cercanías station between the Entrevías and Vallecas stations.

Commissioning: October 1996

The El Pozo suburban station is located on Line C2 that connects Madrid with Guadalajara. It serves the neighborhoods of Palomeras Bajas and El Pozo del Tío Raimundo. This station was designed to facilitate convenient access to the platforms from both areas of the city.
The exact location of the station is made at kilometer point 4,915 of the Atocha-Guadalajara railway. The platforms occupy a development of about 250 m, between kilometer points 4,790 and 5,040 of the railway line.
Broadly speaking, the works consist of the construction of a suburban station with two building blocks on both sides of the track, being connected by an underpass formed by a two-cell frame of reinforced concrete with two openings of 6,25 x 2,60 .XNUMX m built with the caisson-driven technique, as shown in the attached sequential graph.
Said underpass allows not only the circulation inside the station but also communication between the two neighbourhoods, facilitating permeability in the urban fabric.

All the pedestrian itineraries where it is necessary to make changes in level were equipped with ramps with a slope suitable for the needs of people with reduced mobility.
The cover of the east façade of the main station building is noteworthy, formed by a large inclined plane that continuously protects the station and platforms and is lined with lacquered sheet steel, both inside and outside. It is executed by means of a bidirectional slab of reinforced concrete.
The functional and architectural design of the station has made it a space of high environmental quality, with a comfortable and pleasant use for the citizen.
The main pedestrian access to the Station has been located on the edge corresponding to the Pozo del Tío Raimundo. In this area, the Station has two opposite entrances in the East and West areas that facilitate pedestrian access.
The station consists of a hall with access control in which there are stalls, commercial press stalls and a cafeteria with the possibility of full operation. It also has public toilets adapted for people with disabilities.
The hall communicates directly with the stairs and access ramp to the south platform and with the underpass that communicates with the north platform. There is a visual permeability between the lobby, access ramp and platforms that enriches the space of the station. Access for users from Madrid Sur is through the confluence of Calle de Puerto Balbarán, parallel to the railway, with Calle Felipe de Diego in the vicinity of the Institute of Basic Education.


built area 1.721m2 in 2 buildings and an underpass
Lobby area 768m2
Platforms 2 of 240m
Commercial area area 170m2
Parking lots 2 with 140 seats
landscaped areas 2.600m2
underpass 14 m wide for pedestrian use and connection between neighborhoods
Travellers 9.000


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