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Health Card

The health card is the key to access the Madrid public health system.

Who can access public health care in the Community of Madrid


All persons duly accredited by means of the individual health card, or other official supporting document that recognizes their right to health care from the National Health System, as well as others, are entitled to public health care from the Community of Madrid Health System. groups that do not have the right to a health card issued by the Community of Madrid but do have access to health care.

The National Institute of Social Security is the competent body to determine the right to health care charged to public funds of the National Health System.

Right to assistance with a health card

Right to health care without a health card

People with a health card issued by another autonomous community during their temporary stay in the Community of Madrid

Check your data

Consult the pharmaceutical contribution that corresponds to you, existing data, professionals and reference centers as well as contact telephone numbers and email.

Keep your information updated: address and other information on your health card

The permanent updating of this data allows its correct identification when requesting any of the health benefits and facilitates effective communication with the Madrid Health Service.

  • If you have changed your address or any other personal or contact information, communicate it in your health center or through the Internet, this will make it easier for you to receive any letter that we send you.
    If you have a digital certificate or electronic ID, can request a change of address or other personal information on your health card online providing the necessary documents in this way.
  • For the change of address you must provide a registration flyer updated, or authorize your consultation, if you reside in the city of Madrid.
  • The change of address does not entail the issuance of a new health card. If the change of address implies the assignment of a new reference health center, this will provide you with a new adhesive label with the data of the assigned professionals and the corresponding emergency center.
  • If after updating your address, you do not want to change your Family doctor or Nursing professional, you can exercise your right to free choice. You can expand the information in your health center or on the page of Free healthcare choice.
Request for modifications

Request a new health card or change your address or other personal data