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Classification. Deposit receipt, expenses of stay, spare parts, invoice ...

In the Community of Madrid, there more than four million vehicles registered, between passenger cars, motorcycles, vans or trucks, which need the repair, maintenance or tuning services that are carried out in the workshops.

Choose a workshop that complies with the established regulations and be specialists at their branch of activity It is essential to guarantee your safety and the protection of your economic interests, as well as to extend the useful life of your vehicle.

Remember that...


pointing arrowBe wary of workshops without an identification plate or with an incomplete plate, they could respond to activities carried out by people or companies that provide services without complying with legal requirements.

pointing arrowYou can go to any workshop to carry out maintenance and periodic inspection operations without invalidating the guarantee.

pointing arrowIf the vehicle is within the warranty period of the seller or the manufacturer, you must go to the workshop that they indicate to make it effective. 

pointing arrowIn the case of generic workshops, not classified as official brand, the ostentation of references to brands, both outside and inside the workshop, which may mislead the user, is prohibited.

pointing arrowOfficial brand workshops may only reserve the right of admission with respect to vehicles of other brands that are not represented by them.

The workshop is obliged to deliver to the customer a bill written, signed and sealed. The amount must appear broken down by concepts, operations carried out, parts used, hours of work used and taxes, expressly mentioning the warranty, which is understood as total, including labor, replaced parts or the crane service. Together with the invoice, the workshop is obliged to provide written information on the operations carried out and/or parts replaced, even if the repair is covered by the guarantee. 



Green checkStay expenses may be charged provided that, having informed the user that the budget is made or that the vehicle is already repaired, no response has been received. within three business days on the acceptance or not of the budget or on the withdrawal of the vehicle.


Green checkThese stay expenses will only proceed when the vehicle is in premises under the custody of the workshop and will be applied on the days that exceed the aforementioned period.


Replacement parts


All workshops are required to have available to the public documentary justification that proves the origin and price of the spare parts used in the repairs. The official brand workshops They must also have the updated catalogs and rates of the parts used in their repairs and the work time tables provided by the vehicle manufacturer, for the consumer who requests it.