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Obligations of the service facilities. Right to demand an invoice. Vehicle washing service. Where to claim.

The supply of fuels constitutes a economic activity important. Every year more than four million vehicles circulate through the Community of Madrid, including cars, motorcycles, vans or trucks, which need to refuel in these establishments. 

In the next section you will find the information most relevant on the rights of consumers when they visit gas stations, among others, the types of services offered, who is responsible for them, what information must provide us  on the fuel or the one that should appear on the purchase receipt.

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Finger pointingA cartel informing about the price of the sale to the public per liter of the different types of gasoline that are sold, with indication of your octane.


Finger pointingIn the assuming prior payment is required The supply of gasoline or diesel must be indicated by a sign in a place visible to the public.


Finger pointingAs a security measure, between ten at night and seven in the morning, gas stations can demand the exact amount to avoid handling cash for changes, provided that it is also warned on a poster visible to the public. 


Finger pointingIn the event that the supply must be made by the consumer or user directly, it must be indicated on the dispensing device, by means of a poster attached or attached to it, which must include the necessary instructions to do so.


Finger pointingIn self-service facilities, there will be available to consumers and users, close to dispensing devices, gloves or paper supply devices specially adapted to this type of facility, or products of a similar nature, for single use.


Finger pointingOn the assumption that some dispensing device beene damaged and is unable to supply fuel correctly, or takes measurements of a fuel that exceed established maximum tolerance limits, supply will be suspended , placing on the dispenser apparatus a cartel permanently, while the circumstance lasts, "Out of service since ... " indicating the day, month and type of fuel affected.

  • Name or company name, address and tax identification code number of the company providing the service.
  • Number of invoice order or the receipt.
  • Fuel type supplied.
  • Number of liters supplied.
  • Price per liter, VAT included.
  • Total of the supply made.
  • Place and date of the issue.
  • Signature or stamp of the service provider.
  • Vehicle registration, whenever required by the user.



pointing arrowIt will not be mandatory to carry the labeling on your fuel tanks, for cars prior to October 2018.


pointing arrowElectric vehicles will not have to carry any type of distinctive label.

Label type


Our new labels They will be written in black on a white background. To make it easier, clearer and faster to identify what type of fuel it is, three different geometric shapes have been established for each type of fuel.