Moncloa Station

Line 6 of the Madrid Metro

Here you will find information on the actions carried out by the Community of Madrid since its creation on this subject.

On October 11, 1979, the first section Cuatro Caminos-Pacífico was inaugurated with a route of 6.977 m and 10 stations of 115 m in length. 71 flights of escalators were incorporated to facilitate access. The sections from Pacífico to Porto were added on May 7, 1981 and Porto-Laguna on June 3, 1983 with a length of 5,7 km and 1,6 km and 6 and 2 stations, respectively. Coinciding with the start of university classes in 1987, the Cuatro Caminos-Ciudad Universitaria section was inaugurated on January 13, with a length of 2.076 m and 3 stations.

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