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Madrid university system

Region of Madrid: the highest concentration of students in Spain and one of the largest in Europe

Located in the center of the second largest country in the European Union, the Community of Madrid houses in its territory, in the course 2021-2022, 6 public universities (Alcalá, Autonomous, Carlos III, Complutense, Polytechnic y King Juan Carlos), 11 private (Alfonso X the Wise, Antonio de Nebrija, Camilo José Cela, CUNEF University, ESIC UniversityEuropean of Madrid, Francis of Vitoria, Villanueva International, San Pablo CEUUDIMA and one from the Catholic Church, Pontifical Comillas), and the headquarters of the UNED, which represents the largest concentration of students in Spain and one of the largest in Europe.

The number of students enrolled in the region, in the course 2021-2022, Has been of:

  • 207.782 in the centers of public universities
  • 16.081 in the centers attached to public universities
  • 80.988 in private universities and the Catholic Church
  • 8.298 at the Distance University of Madrid (UDIMA)
  • 37.506 in the associated centers of Madrid and Madrid-Sur of the UNED

En total, they are receiving education in these institutions 350.655 students.

quesito percentages students course 2021-22

To this enormous dimension of university education in Madrid contributes the important contingent of students from other regions of the State and from very diverse foreign countries, mainly Latin American and European.

The reasons for this influx have a triple nature:

  1. Of an academic nature, based on the wide and diversified offer of degrees and the prestige of our universities.
  2. Socioeconomic environment, given that the Region of Madrid is equipped with a notably dynamic ecomomy capable of providing young students with important expectations of employment and professional development.
  3. Madrid brings together very important attractions, both for its extensive cultural and leisure offer, and for its recognized status as an open city, a meeting place and a large space for coexistence.