Active Health

Active Health Program

Prescription of physical activity and physical exercise in the Community of Madrid

Active physical exercise units (UAEFs)

In the municipalities adhered to the Salud Activa program, at least one Active Physical Exercise Unit (UAEF) will be enabled in which a health service will be provided. personalized technical advice developed by a physical activity and sports professional named, physical exercise promoter.

The main objective of this service is to provide users referred from the Health Center with a custom indication about which municipal sports services and resources are the most appropriate, as well as establishing strategies to ensure a initiation and adherence appropriate to the practice of physical activity and physical exercise.

It is therefore a tutoring of inactive and/or sedentary people that provides not only a recommendation for physical exercise based on the level of motivation, availability and characteristics of the user, but also a acceptance and adaptation process to the sports environment, which promotes and facilitates the acquisition of healthy habits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behaviors (WHO)

The World Health Organization Guidelines on Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviors provide evidence-based public health recommendations on the amount of physical activity that children, adolescents, adults and the elderly should carry out in terms of frequency, intensity and duration for health benefits significant and mitigate health risks.

Health benefits

Leading an active life that includes physical exercise and reduces sedentary lifestyle helps to prevent health problems and Improve Life Quality.

In general, it improves and prevents various health problems and pathologies. It can improve circulation, help control blood pressure, help control your weight, help regulate blood sugar, and maintain muscle mass.

In addition, physical exercise has a positive effect on the feeling of well-being, as well as on states of stress and anxiety, it even reduces the risk of depression.

Tips and recommendations

To incorporate actions that allow increase the level of physical activity in daily tasks, develop a physical exercise program or implement strategies to break prolonged periods of inactivity, it is advisable to follow certain guidelines for action, especially in people with some type of pathology or special situation.

Associated Resources

Interactive map
Interactive map of sports facilities

This tool facilitates the location of spaces and sports facilities where you can take different sports proposals. It also includes applications to be able to design healthy routes from a designated point.

People walking through the city
health on the road

The maps of healthy routes trace various routes predetermined by the municipality, signposted or not, on urban roads and/or natural spaces that facilitate the development of autonomous physical activity. They are very useful for generating a healthy lifestyle in the use of walking as a means of transportation.

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