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information pills

The General Directorate of Commerce, Consumption and Services makes a collection of informative pills available to consumers and users.

They are small units of educational and practical material on topics of maximum interest to consumers, such as supplies, consumer arbitration or mortgages.

Telephony claims

telephony servicesBefore filing a claim with an official body, you must do so with the operator's customer service.


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guarantees purchasesAs of January 1, 2022, the reform of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users is in force, with a change in the durations and conditions of product guarantees.

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Responsible consumption

responsible consumption When we buy a product or contract a service, are we aware of the consequences that this action causes in our environment?

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social bonds

social bonds

Social bonds are aid intended to mitigate a social problem for certain population groups that are in a situation of vulnerability.

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How to read a contract?

image of hands closing deal The document that binds the service provider or

 product marketer and consumer receive the

 number of contracts They can be verbal or written.


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How to avoid unwanted advertising

unwanted advertising image  In this pill we suggest several solutions to not receive advertising

  unwanted: from being attentive in contests or promotions to

  do not accept the terms and conditions until how to exercise the rights

                                     of data protection.

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Protection of vulnerable consumers

vulnerable consumer image  The figure of the vulnerable consumer goes beyond the

  economic aspects, taking into account age, origin, language, level

  training, digital divide, migration or risk of social exclusion.

                                     Protection mechanisms watch over this type of consumer.

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Dental clinics: consumer rights

dental clinic image  Dental clinics are required to meet some requirements in the

  Consumption area. Inform properly with a budget

  detail or provide factory documentation of the elements

                                      orthodontics are some. Find out more in this video.

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Purchases in commercial campaigns

commercial bells pill Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday or sales are some of the campaigns

 best known commercials. Its goal is to boost sales of goods and

 services for a specified period of time.

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What are the municipal consumer information offices?

alcala omic 1 The municipal consumer information offices (OMIC) are

 local entities specialized in Consumption. This free service is

 It is found in various towns or municipalities in the Community of Madrid.

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Consumer Advice for Seniors: Phone Companies

old pill phone This video offers essential recommendations for older consumers in the field of telephony: permanence, verbal contracts or special rate telephone numbers.

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Consumer advice for seniors: banking and insurance

higher image consumption Consumption of the Community of Madrid makes an effort to meet the 

 needs of older people, as vulnerable consumers and by

 ensure your rights in a preferential way.

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What is intermediation?

  brokerage pillBrokerage is the unregulated procedure by which 

  la Administration tries to facilitate a voluntary solution between consumers

  and company. 

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World Consumer Rights Day (simplified version)

consuming people We explain how this date came about more than 40 years ago, which watches over the

 rights of consumers around the world. Version

 Simplified from this video.

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World Consumer Rights Day

consumer consumer We explain how this date came about more than 40 years ago, which watches over the

 rights of consumers around the world. In our country,

 Article 51 of the Spanish Constitution mentions these rights.

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How to file a claim in person (sign language)

consumption office image We explain how to file a claim request at the Office of

 Customer Service dependent on the General Directorate of Commerce,

Consumption and Services. We incorporate sign language into the video.

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What are consumer associations?

photo consumer associations Consumer associations are private non-profit organizations

 of profit that work in the defense and protection of the rights and interests

 of consuming people.

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Consumption skills in municipalities at risk of depopulation

omic ribadejada The Community of Madrid has signed a series of agreements with the aim

 to be able to provide consumer information services in various

 municipalities that do not have their own OMIC.

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What do we do in Consumption of the Community of Madrid?

domestic consumption The defense and protection of consumers and users is the main

 Purpose of Consumption of the Community of Madrid. For it,

 develops activities, promotes initiatives and offers services to citizens.

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What are the obligations of companies in terms of consumption?

consumption companies They are an added value and a claim for their consumers and users: offer

 your data, information about goods or services, the provision of spreadsheets

 claims are some of them.

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How to read the labeling of toys and other children's products, clothing, footwear, as well as household appliances?

photo tag 1 There are certain products that carry specific information for the

 characteristics of its content or the public to which they are oriented.

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What to do if you have problems with a flight

image of flights Cancellations, overbooking, delays or loss of luggage are some of

 the most common problems.

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Water supply, know your rights

photo faucet In the Community of Madrid, Canal de Isabel II is in charge of managing the

 water from 97% of municipalities. 

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Premium messaging and premium rate numbers

image messages premium 1 There are telephone numbers that involve an additional cost. what happens

 same with messages to participate in games and contests.

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Telephone services: consumer rights

Telephone services The telephone service is one of the basic supplies and also one of the 

 those that accumulate more queries and consumer claims.

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Differences between brokerage and arbitration

pill differences Mediation and arbitration are two different procedures for

 solve consumption conflicts.

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Intermediation in consumer matters: practical cases

pill intermediation Two specific cases, among the most common that Consumption of the

 the Region of Madrid. 

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What is intermediation

video mediation photo Learn about arbitration in an easy and accessible way, a way to resolve your

 consumer claims.

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Consumer Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions Bank commissions, safety in toys or electricity supply:

 We answer the most common queries.

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What are the rights of consumers?

consuming people  Consumers, by virtue of being consumers, have these basic rights.

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How to read a contract?

contract photo  Before signing a contract it is very important to read it and understand the

  contracting conditions.

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Arbitration cases

arb cons cases  Learn about different situations that can be solved by

  consumer arbitration.

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What Happens When You File a Consumer Arbitration Request

judge image We explain the process of the consumer arbitration system as a method

 for conflict resolution.

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The new electricity bill

image light  This is how the new electricity bill works.

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What are the obligations of companies in terms of consumption?

flower seller  Know the obligations in terms of consumption such as commerce, 

  business or professional.

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Why join your company to the Consumer Arbitration System?

arbitration system  We explain the advantages of adhering your company to the Arbitration System of


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How to file a consumer claim in person?

claim in person  These are the requirements and steps to file a claim

  face-to-face consumption.

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How to file a consumer claim online?

claim telematics  We give the keys to present a claim of consumption of

  telematic way.

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How can we help you from the Consumer Service Office?

office 1 portal   What is the Consumer Service Office for? 

    Discover, for example, the steps you can take.

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What is the consumer portal?

image portal    We explain how to make the most of all the content on our

    consumption page.

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Practical situations on telephony

Practical telephony situationsConsult the following informative pill in which you will find different practical situations about telephony. A portability request, a telephone contract or a billing to an additional rate number are some of the examples that the information contains.  

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Safe online shopping

Safe online shoppingit is becoming more common shop online. A multitude of products are at our fingertips with a single click. It is important that these purchases are made safe way and avoid situations that can harm us.

Discover the next pill with tips before, during and after to buy a product online.

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Ticket and invoice

pill ticketConsumers, on a daily basis, make purchases of products such as clothing, technology, household items. After each purchase, we are given a ticket, a small piece of paper with a white background, which is proof that, in fact, we have made the purchase.

The following informative pill includes the main characteristics of the ticket and invoice as well as advice and recommendations when we make purchases.

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Internet security

pill threatsThe following pill analyzes the main threats that we can find when we visit the Internet and offers us the keys to surf the net safely.

We use the internet for everything: send emails, upload photos, access the bank, make purchases or book a hotel. When we connect to the internet we are sending and receiving data. If we do not do it securely, other people could access our information.

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Tips before signing a contract

Tips before signing a contract

Every day, “unique” opportunities are offered to the consumer to buy a product or contract a service, but we can only acquire them if we hurry to buy.

This situation can lead the consumer to make wrong decisions. However, there is no offer that cannot wait. It is better to spend a little time checking the conditions of a contract than suffer the surprises of unintended consequences.

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Consumer survey

Participate in our survey and find out how much you know about consumption


Consumer surveyThe next pill is a survey aimed at those citizens who want to check their level of knowledge regarding their rights as consumers of products or users of services.

In each of the sections you will be able to broaden your knowledge about consumption, answering questions related to prices, guarantees or changes and returns, as well as online contracting, advertising or the importance of reading the conditions of the contracts before signing. The results of the survey will be used at a statistical level for the Community of Madrid Consumer Portal.

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mortgage advice

Girl talking to boyBuying a home is one of the most important decisions in a consumer's life. Frequently, this purchase is associated with hiring a mortgage. In the next pill, you will find information detailed and updated about what you should keep in mind when hiring one.

Includes complete information on Interest rate, commissions, documents that you must receive before contracting and the claim systems Available when you have a problem. 

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Consumer arbitration

Consumer arbitration

On this pill about Consumer Arbitration will be able to meet What is it an arbitration and what is its operation.

Every day more people are affected by a conflict as consumers and consumer arbitration in a extrajudicial procedure fast and free dispute resolution between merchants and consumers.

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Consumption self-assessment test for entrepreneurs

5 pill

In the next pill you will find a survey aimed at entrepreneurs who want to know their level of involvement in serving their consumers. In each of the sections you will be able to know the aspects that will allow you to comply with what is established by the legislation on consumer matters, such as the obligation to have complaint forms available to consumers or the legally established guarantee periods. The survey data is completely anonymous and will be used statistically in the Community of Madrid Consumer Portal

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product safety

product safetyOn a day-to-day basis, consumers buy all kinds of products either out of necessity, on a whim or on special occasions to give as gifts. In this informative pill you will be able to find out what is essential to take into account when buying a product to be certain that we are dealing with a safe product and what are the mechanisms that the Community of Madrid uses to detect and eliminate from the market those products that may pose a risk to the consumer.

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Consumer protection

PillThe Community of Madrid, through the General Directorate of Commerce, Consumption and Services, makes different mechanisms available to consumers that allow them to defend their rights. Claims and consumer arbitration, as an alternative dispute resolution system, are some of them.

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Practical tips

2 pillHiring the basic supplies of a home, such as the water, electricityplatforms, gas or the telephony is of great interest to citizens and generates numerous queries in the Consumer Service Office of the Community of Madrid. It is important, as a consumer, to know the rights that protect you when you contract these services.  

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Pill 3Buying a home is one of the most important decisions in a consumer's life. It is also important to know what rights you have when you want make renovations at home, when you call a Technical assistance service because an appliance has broken down or when visit a workshop to repair your vehicle.

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Rights of consumers and users

video imageThe variety of products and services that a consumer or user can access allows them to choose those that best suit their needs and expectations. For this they need a more and better information help them decide what do they consumemake responsible purchases and prevent possible abuse.

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