The Community of Madrid increased bone marrow donors by almost 10% last year and exceeds 62.000 of Madrid

The Community of Madrid increased the number of new bone marrow donors by 5.267 last year, reaching 62.303, 9,23% more than in 2021. These data exceed the objective set for 2022 by the National Plan (PNMO). , which in the case of the region was 5.144. Furthermore, effective donations in this same period were 97, 30% of all of Spain, leading the national ranking for another year. Fátima Matute at the regional Transfusion Center
15 September 2023

The Minister of Health, Fátima Matute, referred to these figures today at the event organized by the Transfusion Center on the occasion of World Bone Marrow Donor Day, with the motto You can be the life someone is looking for. Donate marrow!. There, he has publicly thanked the “tens of thousands of altruistic Madrid residents and institutions involved in disseminating campaigns and recruiting people who make the noble commitment to participate in a transplant of this type to save lives.”

On the other hand, the Community of Madrid has the highest percentage of registered people under 40 years of age, with 64%, compared to the 52% national average. In this sense, the National Bone Marrow Plan established in 2018 that only those people between 18 and 40 could register since then. The reason is that the younger they are, the longer they remain active as potential donors, because It can take years for a compatible recipient to emerge, taking into account that this altruistic act can be carried out up to the age of 60.

Of the total number of registered Madrid residents, 38% are men and 62% women, although it is the Spanish autonomous community with the largest number of men. Precisely the male and young profile is the most in need, since, in the case of women, if they have had previous pregnancies, they can generate an immune response with possible repercussions on the transplant patient.

How to be a marrow donor 

Along with the age requirement, the donor must weigh more than 50 kilos, have a Body Mass Index of between 20 and 35 and be healthy, as well as well informed. If all these characteristics are met, a blood sample is extracted, which is subsequently studied at the Transfusion Center, to know its genetic profile. This information and personal data are included in REDMO and the World Marrow Donor Registry.

In the page websites At the Transfusion Center of the Community of Madrid, people who wish to do so can find out about these and other aspects, as well as fill out and send a query form to ask questions and request an appointment to start the procedure.

Bone marrow donation consists of the transfer of blood stem cells, also called hematopoietic progenitors. Its extraction is carried out by two procedures: in 85% of cases, by peripheral route, lasting approximately four hours. The remaining 15%, in the operating room with general anesthesia for blood extraction from the hip bones.

Activities in other centers 

As part of the celebration of this international day, the La Paz University Public Hospital also hosted the activity today UMEdula, organized in collaboration with the Military Emergency Unit (UME), the National Transplant Organization (ONT) and the Transfusion Center of the Community of Madrid. The central square of this health center has been the scene of a 12-hour exercise bike marathon, with the aim of increasing the number of donors.