The Community of Madrid promotes the autonomy of young mothers lacking resources and at risk of social exclusion of Madrid

The Community of Madrid promotes the autonomy and social and labor inclusion of young pregnant women, or with children under three years of age, who lack economic resources, social and family support, promoting their autonomy and social and labor inclusion. To do this, two maternity centers offer 120 temporary accommodation places, which lasts for at least one year and only starts counting when the mother reaches the age of majority. The counselor with one of the children in the center
May 25th 2023

The Minister of Family, Youth and Social Policy, Concepción Dancausa, today visited the facilities of the Residencia Norte Maternity Center in the capital, with a capacity for 90 people, where she spoke with the professionals who deal with the different training programs and the users who currently reside there. "They are young people who face very complex situations, who do not know how to deal with the responsibility of raising a child, and here they receive the support they need to achieve an independent, professionally active and socially integrated life", she underlined.

The intervention program of these centers consists of different phases (reception, consolidation, autonomy and independence) whose duration varies depending on the needs and personality of each user. They progressively assume responsibilities in aspects such as the upbringing and care of their children, the establishment of social and family relationships, their own training and the search for a job that allows them to have economic resources. In the last phases of the program, supervision by the center's professionals is gradually reduced to encourage personal autonomy and full assumption of responsibilities.

The users have the necessary resources to ensure their accommodation and maintenance and participate in an individualized plan for both themselves and their children. Each of the centers has a nursery school to facilitate conciliation, with a psychological care service that helps them assume the new responsibilities derived from their maternity and with activities aimed at personal development and comprehensive health education.