The Community of Madrid approves the Decree that updates the requirements to be a high-performance athlete of Madrid

The Governing Council of the Community of Madrid has approved, at its meeting held today, the Decree that updates the criteria for obtaining the status of high-performance athlete, taking into account the particularities of the different disciplines and sports modalities. swimming athlete
29 March 2023

The new text will enter into force after its next publication in the Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid (BOCM), repealing the current one of 2014, which has had significant beneficial effects for high-performance athletes in the region.

Given the need to adapt to the diversity of rules existing in the field of competition, with the regulatory amendment of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sport, new criteria for the interpretation of the established general requirements are included that facilitate the application of the procedure for the recognition of this figure, resulting in greater equity in the treatment of athletes.

Specifically, the main objective was the review of the minimum required participation in the competition, since some sports did not allow them to be reached. For this reason, it is contemplated to exempt the minimum number of participants, provided that the remaining technical-sporting requirements and results in the competition are met, in the cases that are now determined with greater precision.

On the other hand, a new category has been included in relation to sports results, called the second highest category, which would be between the absolute and the lower ones, in order to give it a differentiated and more appropriate treatment compared to the latter, since it would cover a age group in which performance and sporting requirements are very similar to those found in the absolute category.

In addition, in accordance with the regulation established in the new State Sports Law of 2022, the possibility of requesting the status of high-performance athlete is regulated when equivalent recognition is already enjoyed in another autonomous community, in exceptional circumstances. Thus, they are limited to when there is a change of address due to the transfer of those exercising parental authority over minor athletes or, in the case of student athletes, a change of address or academic record.

Likewise, the conditions to equate to the Spanish championship, for the purposes of this rule, the Spanish cups in those categories in which Spanish championships are not organized are also reflected, and the conditions to take into consideration the championships are also now included. of Spain of clubs for the purposes of participation required in the project.

Likewise, the text is updated considering the approval of the professionalization of women's football by agreement of the Board of Directors of the Higher Sports Council in 2021, and American football is added among the team sports in which, despite there being no league of recognized professional character, high performance athletes are considered to be those who are part of the highest category leagues.

Finally, some modifications are made with respect to the current regulation that suppose to provide the text with greater technical precision.